Villages in the Region Los Montes

The region Los Montes is divided in total 19 municipalities.All towns in the county are above 630 m and 14 of them over 1,000. The average elevation is 942.2; Villanueva de las Torres is located on the lowest elevation (633 m) and Torre Cardela on the highest level (1217). The regio can be divided into two sub regions. In the west we have the subregion Iznalloz (regional capital) with the village Piñar  (with its natural historic caves),  There are some irrigated plains along the rivers Guadahortuna and Cubillas. In the east we find the subregion of Pedro Martinez with expansive hills dominated by traditional agriculture, mainly herbs, with some hills and mountains with natural vegetation and repopulated, but also cultivated, especially towards the west, where a greater number of woody crops appears. 

The Most Interesting Villages of the Region

Other Villages