Festivities in the Region Alhama de Granada

Underneath the main festivities in Alhama de Granada itself. We are currently collecting the data for 2016 from all villages in order to present a year festivity calender of the whole  region.

Candlemas day

The celebration of the Candelaria is one of the most deeply rooted, ancient and charming festivity in Alhama. This festival takes place on the 2nd of February and its origin seems to be the procession that is held between the convent of San Diego and the church of la Joya on this day.  Currently on this day the street in Alhama are illuminated by the "candelas" (bonfires) that have been lighted by different groups of neighbors or friends. The fire, good local wine, tapas and popular ballads are the basics for a good Candelaria. 

Wine Festival

This festival, which has a solidary character, is held on the first Saturday in February in Alhama where the wine making has a long tradition.

During the festival the wines of local wine makers are presented and tasted in order to choose the best wine of the season. Visitors can besides the wine tasting and gastronomy enjoy a festive atmosphere which is enlivened by the band of the town.

Alhama: Carnaval

The Carnaval de Alhama is one of the festivities that best represents the popular folk of Alhama.  It is the most lively festivity in which everyone participates, children, youth, adults and seniors. It not for nothing is declared as a Andalusian Festivity of Tourist interest.

Carnival has no fixed days of celebration because they depend on Ash Wednesday the dates change every year. Always fall on a Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and next Sunday, "Domingo de Piñata" undoubtedly one of the most iconic moments. During these days street musicians and bands formed by neighbors enliven the streets with popular songs As important as parades and street musicians are the masks and macaroni, traditional costumes made off old and outdated clothes. They are covering their faces with cloths to avoid being recognized. Also on Sunday Piñata groups go often outside with different artifacts created for the occasion.

Alhama: Eastern Week

Like in the most cities and village the eastern week is celebrated with several prochessions.

Feria de San Juan

Around the 24th of June when the nights draw and begins the summer, the folk festival is held enlivened by concerts and dances, bullfights, bullfighting and a full cultural program in which is included the usual tastings of typical products and an amusement park for children.

Cultural Summer

During the months of June, July and August the cultural summer takes place. In addition, around the first weekend in August (Thursday through Saturday night) occurs the Youth Music Festival in Andalusia, one of the oldest in Spain and which first was been held in 1966 On this festival are performances of new bands and guest artists. During the Youth Music Festival also takes place the Andalusia Children Song Festival. In these festivals are also national artists, rising stars of music, involved with a special interest in promoting young local artists.

Great September Fair

The Great September Fair is held around the 8th of that month. At the fairground stands are installed where you can share a "pinchitos" accompanied by wine, ham and cheese..Everyone is gathering underneath a tent in order to enjoy the local wine and the local tapas like the excellent cheeses and sausages, as well as the real choto, a high art specialty in this area. Usually it occupies four days, throughout the day and at night. when the recreational activities are organized by the Council of Celebrations of the City of Alhama de Granada. There is a lively amusement park, popular festivities and fun activities for attendees of all ages. For the children and the youth there are attractions and booths installed, enlivened by performances of popular bands.

Wine Pilgrimage