Nature in the Region Loja

Although this region has not an offical Natural Park, it will not say that there are no beautiful places. It is more that some places deserve to be a natural park. Especially in the north of the region you can encounter the beauty of this region; the area of Zagra, Algarinejo and Montefrio are offering a lot of natural escapes. Here you will find plenty of canyons and waterfalls to walk along and enjoy the beauty of nature and the fresh air. You will also see the lanscapes with soft rounded hills with vegetation that is green in spring and yellow brown in summer. In some spots you can also discover sunflower fields. In the south east is the fertile Granada plain located which is watered by the Rio Genil that flows all year round, fed by the melting water of the snow from the Sierra Nevada.

Los Infiernos de Loja is a beautiful setting of waterfalls and sites of travertines which has been declared Natural Monument (category of protection that applies to elements of nature notorious uniqueness, rarity or beauty). The setting is due to narrowing of the Genil River as it passes through Loja, forming a large cliff in a limestone terrain and falls into the Arroyo Manzanil. It is a wonderful waterfall that drops from a height of about 10 meters. You can......

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