The Beaches of the Costa Tropical in Granada

Beaches with the Best Facilities

In total 4 of the 48 beaches have a blue flag or a Quality award. These beaches are in summer or weekends most of the time very occupied. The beaches with a blue fag are: Playa de Granada, Playa Torrenueva, Playa Calahonda and Playa Carchuna. Overall all urban beaches have facilities like showers, toilets and restaurants. These beaches are also very occupied in the weekends, on bank holidays and in the summer.

The Most Beautiful Natural Beaches in Granada

There are several isolated beaches that are worth to visit. The most beautiful in our opion are Playa Cantarrijan, which is situated in Natural Area Acantilados de Maro - Cerro Gordo, Its waters are the best place to dive and snorkle.Playa Rijana has beautiful green water and some big rocks which are situated in the sea. On the beaches Playa La Chucha and Playa Carchuna are growing flowers and other plants, which are protected. At some place the rocks are covered with algal and is causing the beautiful green color of the rocks..

Nudist Beaches in Granada

There are in total 7 nudist beaches spread out over the Tropical Coast, although the most are situated in the municipality Almuñecar. The names of the beaches are: Playa Cantarrijan which is offering also a lot of facilities and services like rental of sunbeds, two restaurants, kanoe and padle surf rental, showers & toilets; Playa El Muerto which is offering also some services like a kiosk and a shower; Playa La Joya, Playa Naturista in El Lance and Playa El Ruso. Another nudist beach is located inland at the shores of Lake Negratin in Cuevas del Campo.

Beaches with Facilities in Almuñecar

(Isolated) Natural Beaches in Almuñecar

Beaches with Facilities in Salobreña

Isolated Natural Beaches in Salobreña

Beaches with Facilities in Motril

Isolated Natural Beaches in Motril

Beaches with Facilities in Lujar, Gualchos, Popolos, Albuñol

Isolated Natural Beaches in Rubite, Sorvilán and Albuñol

A Map of All the Beaches at the Costa Tropical in Granada