Granada is a province of southern Spain in the eastern part of Andalusia. It covers an area of 12,531 km2 (4,838 sq mi). Its population was 919,455 as of 2014, of whom about 30% live in the capital, and its average population density is 72.41/km2 (187.5/sq mi). It contains 170 municipalities.

Tourist Guide of Granada

The Most Exclusive Excursions in Granada

We have selected for you the most exclusive excursions in the province

Where to Go? - Tourist Information of the Province of Granada

The province of Granada is devided into 10 subregions. We have visited every village in the subregion. We are showing the points of interests of every village. Currently we have more then 800 pages of tourist information and showing more then 11.000 pictures of the region!

The Cultural Activities in the Province

In the province are a lot of activities and fiestas taken place. If you like a special event, it can be worthfull to check the fiestas calender from each region and plan your trip.

Touristic Map of the Province of Granada

In order to make it easy to find the beautiful things in Granada we have create a handy Google map. In this map you will find back all the touristic information

Where to Eat? - An Overview of the Best Restaurants

In the Spanish culture, food is very important and the bar is the place to meet your friends. Thats why you have an enormous choice of where to go. Only in the capital of Granada are more than 2000 bars & restaurants. We have made a selection based on internet opinions and our own experience.


The 240 villages, 48 beaches, hundreds of monuments, natural parks, lakes, caves, baths etc have been visited personally by the autor. This site is also presenting  over 18.000 pictures that has been taken by the same autor. Please enjoy the information and photos. Be aware that the pictures have copyright. 

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Points of Interest in in the Province of Granada

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The Most Exclusive Holiday Accommodations in Granada

We have listed the most exclusive and special accomodations in the province of Granada. From a special palace room, a tree house, a cave house, to a typical Andalucian house or luxury villas and apartments. 

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