Rum Factory "Ron Montero" - Motril

Rum Montero distillery was founded in 1963 by a family which has been cultivating sugar cane for generations, whose guiding principles have always been quality of its products and artisanal production techniques, the laying of enormous importance on the quality of raw materials used, and scrupulous respect for the Crianza times in the system of “Soleras” and “Criaderas”.

Today Rum Montero sells 240.000 litres of rum a year and the Motrileños, the people of Motril, together with those who have had the opportunity to try this rum, are its most enthusiastic ambassadors.

The distillery offers free guided tours to the public from Tuesday to Saturday at 12.00. You can contact them by email or phone in order to make a reservation.

Address: Camino de la Vía s/n, 18600 Motril (Granada)

 Tel.: (+34) 958 600 183 / E-mail:



There is no admission charge. For other dates and groups they request interested parties to complete this visiting form.


Motril is an enclave located amongst the fertile plains formed by the Guadalfeo river, where sugar cane has been cultivated for a thousand years and is inextricably linked to the city´s passage through history. Only a handful of places in our Old Continent, Europe, are suited to the cultivation of such an exotic plant as sugar cane. And it is from the distilling of this plant´s juice that rum is extracted.

It is not widely known that this plant, originally from Asia, was introduced to and adapted to these lands by Muslims, and that from here it crossed the Atlantic, taken to Ibero-America by Spaniards. It became so important there, that it would be impossible to fully understand Latin American culture without the crop.

From southern Spanish shores, the plant arrived at the Canary Islands and Madeira in the 15th century. Later, during Columbus´ second voyage to America, sugar cane was introduced to the Americas, and its cultivation became so widespread that it has, since then, become considered an important component of Caribbean culture.

Since the second half of the 20th century, Motril has been associated with its rum, which proudly bears its name, and its history, throughout Spain and the rest of the world.

Location Ron Montero

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