Iron Roads (Via Ferratas) in the Province of Granada

A iron road or "via ferrata" is a horizontal or vertical path and installed to the walls through anchors, dams, bridges and zip lines. Security is provided by a steel cable that is installed throughout the track and a safety harness. Because it is not require to have a high physical level, it is a funny and recommended activity even for families with children.

Iron Road Los Vados - Vélez de Benaudalla: VV18670-1

This is an impressive via ferrata of 240 meters high and 300 meters long. It has been recently equipped on the longest wall of the Azud de Vélez. This elevated route will give you the adrenalin that only 240 meters..... 

No. of persons: >3 / Difficulty: low / Physical: moderate / Duration: 4h


€ 30,-

Vía Ferrata de la Rendija - Puebla de Don Fadrique: EA18820-1

The via ferrata is made up of two climb tranches of about 50 meters each, the equipment is very good and consists of 4 steps per meters of track, steel wire, turnbuckles, thimbles, cable ties and other safety....... 

No. of persons: >1 /Difficulty: moderate/Physical: moderate/Duration: 2h


€ 35,-

Vía Ferrata Cueva Horá - Loja: SR18300-1

A new via ferrata located south of Loja at about 1400 m above sea level in the Karst de Sierra Gorda. It is very close to Cueva Horá, hence its name and in order to reach this place you must first pass through....... 

No. of persons: >1 / Difficulty:moderate/Physical: moderate/Duration: 2h


€ 35,-