Guided Mountain Bike Trips in Granada

Mountain Bike Trip Granada to Pinos de Genil:  NG18191-1

From the city of Granada, you follow the course of the Genil River, which originates at the foot of Mulhacén, to the picturesque village of Pinos Genil. This trail is one of the main green corridors of the city of Granada.. 

No. of persons: >2 / Difficulty: low / Physical: low / Duration: 5h (16km)


€ 30,-

Mountain Bike Trip Granada to Llanos de Perdiz:  NG18010-1

From the Alhambra, we will go east through a nice Mediterranean forest which surrounds el Cerro del Sol and enter Granada again through the pinturesque neighbourhood of Sacromonte and Albaycín. We will..... 

No. of persons: >2 / Difficulty: medium / Physical: medium /Duration: 4h


€ 40,-

Mountain Bike Trip Natural Park Sierra de Huétor: NG18179-1

The mountain bike tour starts at the visitor centre in Puerto Lobo, in the heart of the park. We will find paths and tracks for all levels in a beautiful forest full of pines, firs, oaks, and amazing limestone formations. The ........

No. of persons: >2 / Difficulty: l-m-h / Physical: l-m-h / Duration: >5h


€ 50,-

Mountain Bike Trip Circular Transnevada: NG000-1

It's a mountain bike circular route that runs along the border between the Natural Park and the National Park of Sierra Nevada. The route is situated at an altitude between 1,500 - 2,000 m. Its total length is 450.....

No. of persons: >2 / Difficulty: medium / Physical: high / Duration: 8 d


€ 35,-