Temporary Exclusive Excursions

Excursion Defrost Lavadero de la Reina, Güejar Sierra: CL-1

This route is possibly one of the most beautiful and impressive of all the province of Granada, because it manages to unite the spectacle of the thaw with its waterfalls, jets, tunnels in the snow and streams of crystal....

No. of persons: 4-15 / Walking time: approx 7 hours


€ 65,-

Excursion Hoya de la Mora, Padrollano, Sierra Nevada: CL-2

Route the Olla de la Mora itinerary roundtrip by controlled trail ideal to go with children and people of all levels....

No. of persons: 10-40 / Walking time: approx 4-6 hours


€ 30,-

All Year Exclusive Excursions in the Province of Granada