Museums in Valle Lecrin

Museum Mondújar

Molino Museo de Mondújar.

Mondujar Mill is one of the places to visit, as it is one of the jewels of the region of El Valle de Lecrin. This mill shows the level of engineering technology in the transformation of oil from these past centuries. The Mill Mondujar, was restored in 2005 and opened its doors in 2006, becoming a mill museum.

Besides showing the old gadgets with which the oil was produced, also has several rooms and crafts, ceramics, textiles, glass azuelejos shown . It is one of the two "tower mills" that exists in the region along the Acequia, but with the difference that it is fully restored

 Museums Nigüelas

Museo Molino Almazara de las Laerillass 

The museum is exposing the origin and operation of the mill and its relationship with the environment in an educational and respectful way. The museum contains the restored building complex itself, the equipment and the original objects preserved, exposed logical and orderly manner, and a number of applications that discloses the origin and evolution of the different types of elements, the water infrastructure in the region to which the mill belongs. For understanding the museum it is equipped with various devices museográficos physical (brackets and panels) and audiovisual (video).

Request an appointment to visit the Interpretation Centre of the mill Laerillas. Indicate on the form data, and the date and time you would like to visit the mill of Laerillas. Once we check availability, we will contact you to confirm the date and time of the visit.


Opening hours: Saturday, Sundays and Festivity Days from 11:00 - 14:00 and from 18:00 - 21:00

Entrance fee: € 1,80


Address: Canalón 12, 18657 Nigüelas, Granada

Tel: 958 777 636

Jardín Müller

French style gardens dating back to the 18th and 19th centuries. They are the singular left in the Valle de Lecrín and located next to the Palacio de Zayas, in Nigüelas. The gardens look great after the rehabilitation they had. It was propery of the family of José Blanes Zabala, but was acquired by Müller in 1955 and remains since this time of this family. The garden offers the possibility of carrying out all kinds of events, social events and guided tours. In order to visit the gardens it is neccessary to send an request.



Address: Calle Solanilla 16,   18657  Nigüelas, Granada

Tel: 958 777 769 / 659 627 866

Palacio Zayas

Casa Palacio Zayas, a 17th century building which now houses the local council which has beautiful gardens of romantic air, was donated by Maria Antonia Zayas Osorio Calvache after she died because she had no children.

Opening Hours: Monday untill Friday from 08:30 - 15:00

Entrance Fee: Free

Museums in Acequias

El Molino del Sevillano

The Acequias mills are gaining international fame, thanks to the excellent restoration. Today it is a museum that deserves a visit. It is on the way to Acequias to Niguelas, in a beautiful setting that has a small picnic area under some poplars.

Opening Hours: Thursday, Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 14:00.

Tel: 958 795 002 / 630 436 712.