Museums in the Region Alhama de Granada

Museums in Alhama de Granada

CIAG (interpretation center Alhama)

The Alhama´s old Jail is a building with very few historic references, however it is full of anecdotes and stories that to this day the local neighbours remember. This singular and historic building has been the selected place to create the Center for the Interpetation of Alhamde de Granada, where the city´s history, traditions, natural heritage, monumental and cultural legacy are located for the enjoyment of everyone. The jail was built in 1674 and it was a passing jail where prisoners stayed only for a day or two. It functioned as a jail until the mid 2oth century.

Opening hours: every day from 11:00 - 19:00

Entrance fee: € 2,00 ( € 1,50 for Alahama residents and pensionists)

Address: Square Inmates Phone: 673 613 996


Parish Museum

Address: Church of the Incarnation Phone: 958 350 060