Flowerfields in the Province of Granada

Sunflowers fields

In the province the farmers have sunflowers for the production of sunflower oil. You can can find big sunflower fields between: Domingo Pérez and Montejícar;

Torre Cardela in the direction of Pedro Martínez.

Some smaller field can also be encountered close to Alhama de Granada, Zagra and Galera in the direction of Orce. The flowers appear in July.

Corn Poppy Fields

This very nice red flower appears simple at the country side. We have seen nice fields of Corn Poppies in Canal de San Clemente (Huescar region Altiplano), El Padul (Necrin Valley), also near CajárMonachil and near the lake Cubillas (region Vega de Granada) and in La Peza,  Lugros (region Guadix).

Almond Flowers

The province has a large almond production. In spring this results fields of trees with white flower.  The areas are situated in the Alpujarra, El Marquesado and the Altiplano. Because of the climate it can be that the trees in the Alpujarra have flowers and the the trees in the Altiplano have to wait a month.

Colza Flower Fields

These flowers are covering the whole  province in March / April. You will see them on the country side and along the road or on every piece of earth. The flower is also seen in November covering the almonds orchards, but in less places.