The District: Center Realéjo - San Matías

Realejo-San Matías (or simply the Realejo) is a neighborhood of the city of Granada situated in the old town, at the foot of the Alhambra by its southeast side. It was a Jewish suburb of the Muslim city, when it was known as Garnata al-Yahud, "Granada of the Jews". When the Christians took the city, it was renamed as Realejo and a military camp was installed at this place. Today remains a maze of narrow streets so steep that many are staggered. There are also many townhouses and the typical cármenes. This district is also famous for its graffities which you can see at a lot of places.

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Granada City (center) - Realejo: The convent was founded in 1501 by Isabella de Catholica (the former queen of Spain). The original building was built in just two years and in 1540 it was occupied by the nuns. It is offering 30 rooms and...

Number of persons: 2-60 / Price € 27,50 a person a night

from € 27,50

Granada City (center) - Realejo: The palace has been carefully restored, respecting all the architectural elements of the era. The central patio with its Tuscan columns gives access to the 19 elegant rooms........

Number of persons: 2-38 / Price:  from € 55,- a night (2p)

from € 55,-