Natural Park Sierra Nevada - Valle Lecrin

On the side of Valle Lecrín are some very interesting aspects to see. First the wetlands of Padul, which are listed as a natural reserved area inside the Natural Park Sierra Nevada. This area has a lot of different species of waterbirds, that live here or are on migration. Next to the park is a educational center situated. Secondly there is a large rock accumulation called Natural Monument Falla de Nigüelas. It is situated on the border of the Natura Park Sierra Nevada. The Valley of the Dúrcal River is also worth a visit. There is a picnic area next to the Dúrcal river and more upstream are some lovely waterfalls. Also the less know Los Cahorros de Nigüelas are spectacular with is small waterfalls and steep rock walls.

Los Cahorros de Nigüelas

Beside the Cahorros of Monachil are the Cahorros of Nigüelas which are generally unknown, so less touristic. This can also be caused by the fact, that the hiking trail next to the river is not that well maintained. Nevertheless you can find your way through the bushes and enjoy the beauty and rest of this canyon.  A part of the rock wall of this canyon is prepared for practicing rock climbing. The trail is going along several small waterfalls. At the end is spectacular slot canyon with a hudge rock in it, forcing the water to run over it. This spot is a little bit hidden, outside the trail and you need to cross the stream by feet. This narrow canyon is continuing for 500 meters until it is blocked by a hudge "dam" that has the same hight as the canyon., it is recommended not to follow this last part.

The Valley of the Dúrcal River

The Valley of the Dúrcal River is also worth a visit. There is a picnic area at the end of the road that goes along the river Dúrcal, where you can park your car. From this point you can take the 1,5 km trail on the left bank from the river that brings you to the first waterfall. The other trail is located at the other site of the river. First you have to cross the river Dúrcal by an improvised bridge and follow the dry river bed, which is connected with the river Dúrcal in an almost right angle. After a few hundred meters there is a small trail going up to the left. The trail is going over the edge of a waterchannel. You will pass the waterfall that you have seen on the other side. At the end of the channel is a small waterfall, at this point you follow the path up and after a few hundred meters is the big waterfall located.

The Wetlands of Padul

The wetlands of Padul are listed as a natural reserved area in Natural Park Sierra Nevada, as it is located on the southwestern foothills of this mountain range, next to the municipality Padul, 25 kilometers from the city of Granada. It is surrounded by dozens of farms and crossed by numerous roads. The set of ponds and peatlands covers an area of 327.398 hectares. It is the only existing wetland of endorheic origin in the province of Granada and the largest peatland in southern Europe. In the park they have constructed nice "wooden" paths and even some bird watcher houses. Next to the road El Padul to is an educational center "Aula de la Naturaleza El Aguadero" situated.

Other Parts of Sierra Nevada

Overall overview of the Natural & National Park Sierra Nevada with information and photo galleries from the different seasons, the flora & fauna and the observatory.  Parque Natural Sierra Nevada is with 85.883 the biggest national park in Spain. Around the National Park is a Natural Park designated which contains 90.000 hectares. The Sierra Nevada National Park is shared between the Province of Granada (65 % of the park) and the Province of 

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The northern part of the Sierra Nevada is called Guadix - Marquesado de Zenite. It is the most green part of the Sierra Nevada. The mountain flanks are covered with woods, which are crossed by several beuatiful mountain rivers. Because of the humidity, the trees and riverbeds are covered with green moss. This area is in general untouched and the tourist level is low despite the beauty of this area. From this side are also going trails to the highest peaks More Info

Natural Park Sierra Nevada Occidente is the most popular part located at the north west side. This is first caused by the short distance from the capital and secondly this is the side where you are able to practice ski on in total 100 km of slopes in winter and spring. Also in summer a gondola lift and chair lift can bring you up from Pradollano to an altitude of 3100 meters with or without mountainbike. There are several marked mountain bike and hiking trails.....

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The higher Alpujarra is for a great part situated in the National & and Natural Park Sierra Nevada. So in order to enjoy the beauty of these mountains you have a lot of oppurtunities.  There are over 15 villages that are situated or have there borders inside the Natural Park Sierra Nevada. Its situation on the south is causing that the average annual temperature is 16.6 °C. The best villages to start a trip to the peaks of the mountains are LanjarónCapileira and Trevélez.

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