Churches and Convents Weekend

In Albaicin only are over 30 churches and convents, a lot of them in mudejar style. Also in the district of Realejo, the former Judish district, are some convents.


On Saturday you will visit some of them with a private excursion which will take around two hours. This can take place in the morning or in the afternoon.

Your breakfast, lunch and dinner you will have, will be prepared in a real convent by the local nuns.

Of course you can choose for having lunch in a convent which has been changed in a 5 star hotel and has a lovely terrace on the inner square. It is all your choice.

The other part of the day you can visit one of the following churches that are worth the effort to visit:


Economic Accommodation

Economic: you will stay at a convent that is still used for its purpose. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be prepared by the nuns.


The convent was founded in 1501 by Isabel la Católica because of the promise she made to create a convent in the last city that was reconquered on the Muslims. The original building was built in just two years and in 1540 it was occupied by the nuns.

In the dome are two shields with the yoke and arrows of the Catholic Monarchs, its founder. sTheir initiasl also appear on the pillars of the temple. It has a large number of artworks, among them is the image of a crucified Christ that has a very interesting history. When the Catholic Monarchs took the city of Granada, they celebrated a Mass in honor of this victory, and this image is representing this important event.

The place was known among the Granada as "las Vistillas" giving idea why the site was chosen by Comendador for his foundation. The name is still common, almost five centuries later and despite the modern buildings took away the fabulous views over the valley, the Genil and the Sierra itself.

Luxury Accommodation

Luxury: you will stay in a very nice restored convent which has been transformed in a 5 star hotel.


The old monastery of Santa Paula was built with a group of houses, some of them were incorporated into the convent; inside you can still see some of these Arab houses. 

The church follows the model of the church wooden frame covered drawer. Inside are the tombs of its founders. Due to the great transformation of the Gran Vía de Colón, the convent lost his garden. Today the building has been totally reformed with respect to its architecture details and is functioning as a hotel. Although it is transformed to a hotel you are still able to enter and see this beautiful construction.