Mecina is the core of the old town of Mecina Fondales, which consisted of three small villages: Mecina, Mecinilla and Fondales. It is the second town in size and population of the municipality of La Taha

Mecina, has a variety of bars and restaurants (including vegetarian). Mecina, like the small Mecinilla, and Fondales, have a large degree of architectural authenticity. You can highlight its urban layout perfectly adapted to the slopes of the land. It has very interesting natural and heritage resources, such as a traditional laundry, a ferruginous water fountain, and a church built on the old mosque. In the streets with its rounded corners you can see houses without roofstinaos, galleries, passages and alleys, forming a network of streets typical of this era.


A "tinao" in Mecina
A "tinao" in Mecina

Points of Interest in Mecina

  • The whole village is an open air museum, with a lot of "tinaos";
  • Church;
  • Washing sinks.
View on Mecina
View on Mecina

Festivities in Mecina

  • Medicina: the festival of San Marcos celebrated on the 25th of April;


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Basic Information Mecina

Mecina (36°55′46″N 3°19′19″O)

Altitude:  850 meters

Population: 274 inhabitants  (2013)



Distance to Granada: 76 km

Distance to the beach: 54 km (Motril)

Distance to the Airport of Malaga: 148 km

Distance to the Airport of Granada: 90 km


Touristic level: low - medium - high

Authentic level: low - medium - high



  • Supermarkets: no
  • Banks: no
  • Restaurants: yes
  • Bars: yes

Location of Mecina

The Weather in Mecina