Ecologic Holiday Accommodations in Granada

Monachil (countryside)- Sierra Nevada: The charming private cabin is made of bales of straw, wood and lime mortar and has a bedroom and a bathroom. The small kitchen is situated outside, attached to the cabin. A small pool is situated.

Number of persons: 1-2 / Price: from €35,- a night, € 200,- a week (2p)

from € 35,-

Lanjarón (countryside) - Alpujarra:  The Yurt has a diameter of 5m , a wooden floor and canvas walls. It is equiped with a double bed and a sink with a kitchen top. The toilet, sauna and swimming pool are in common use and are...

Number of persons: 2 / Price: from € 50,-a night, € 300,- a week

from € 50,-

Zújar (countryside) - Altiplano:  These two teepees are close situated to lake Negratin and have a diameter of 7 meters (40m2). It is furnished with a king-size bed and 1 to 3 single beds, as required. Cosy rugs, cushions and themed.....

Number of persons: 1-5 / Price: from € 69,- a teepee a night, € 400,- a week 

from € 69,-

Lanjarón (countryside) - Alpujarra:  Next to a big double bed, this Yurt has a woodstove and a complete kitchen with cooker, oven and refrigerador. The toilet, sauna and swimming pool are in common use and situated in the.........

Number of persons: 2-4 / Price: from € 60,- a night, € 360,- a week (2p)

from € 60,-

Loja (countryside) - Loja: The cave has a livingroom, a kitchen, three bed rooms, a sauna and a bathroom. It is surrounded by a large garden where the private swimming pool and jacuzzi are situated. It has also a kitchen on top....

Number of persons: 6-10 / Price: from € 175,- a night, € 800,- a week 

from € 175,-