Huéscar - Waterfall el Buitre

The waterfall is located near the lake "Embalse de San Clemente". The waterfall is only there if the sluices  which are located  near the source of this river, are open. Most of the time this is in spring. You can reach it by taking the (dirt)road that goes around the lake. Coming from the direction of Duda, you take this road just before the dam. When you pass the shallow river Guardal you take directly the small dirt road to the left and park you car at the small field. Take the small walking trail that will go along some awesome rock formations until you reach the river. Walk uphill along the river for about 200 meters. If the waterfall is there you will hear the noise already from a great distance.

Photo Gallery Waterfall el Buitre

Location Waterfall el Buitre