Casa de Castril - Museo Archeologico

The House of Castril is one of the best examples of Renaissance palaces of Granada. It belonged to the family of Hernando de Zafra, secretary of the Catholic Kings who actively participated in the reconquest of the city on the Muslims and it´s capitulations. 

Today it is a Archaeological Museum. It has two floors and a nice patio. There are seven rooms presenting several archaeological periods. One room is representing the Paleolithic period where we can understand the economy and daily life of men of this period. 

The second room presents the passage to an economy of food production. In the third room - the Bronze Age the years 1900-1200 ac. The fourth room presents the era of colonization and the Iberian world, and contains the exotic and luxurious objects with the Phoenician aristocracy were buried.

Other rooms represent the Roman and Arabic culture: brass lamps, weapons, vases, urns, small bronzes everyday, sarcophagi and ceramics.

The entrance of Casa de Castril
The entrance of Casa de Castril

Due to restorations works de museum is closed at the moment.

Photo Gallery Casa de Castril


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