The Forest of the Alhambra

The "Bosque de Alhambra" is the forest that encircles the fortres Alhambra. Its boundaries is generally set by the fence surrounding the complex which starts at the bastion tower "Torre de los Picos" on the north bank of the river Darro, and to the wall that connects the Alhambra with the "Torre Bermejas" towers which covers northern and western area around the Moorish fortress. The high and slender trees obscuring the view to the sky and give these places pleasant shade and coolness in summer. Its colorful and fragrant woodland is combined with deciduous trees, poplars, buckeyes, elderberry, nettle trees, plane trees, acacias, hazel, Aleppo pine, and maple. A few poplars are dating from early Christian times.  The park is refreshed by the abundance of water flowing, waterfalls and canals.


Puerta de Bib-Rambla
Puerta de Bib-Rambla
A small waterfall from the Alhambra water
A small waterfall from the Alhambra water

In autumn the trails are covered with leaves, branches and bark sheets and you will discover a rich plant community of great historical interest. Over 300 plant species have been discovered, there poplar mushrooms, wicker, Chinese bonnets, judas ears and mesenteric among others, most are edible, although they have a minimum gastronomic value in general.


There are swifts, pigeons, sparrows, swallows, robins, and the dominant bird blackcap and the wren. You can also see some small owls; the tawny owl. Within the microclimate and habitat is generated for the presentation of mammals; squirrels, common or Mediterranean vole, hedgehogs, cats, and voles. 

The old city gate "Puerta de Bib-Rambla".

Among the trees, almost hidden by the foliage of vegetation, and within the contour of the central path, you will see the remains of the gate Bib-Rambla, built in the eleventh or twelfth century. Originaly it was situated in the center near the suqare with the same name. Declared of cultural interest of Spanish heritage.

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There are several ways to enter the Bosque de Alhambra.  From Albaicin you can cross the river Darro (at the end of "Cuesta de Chapiz") and take a path that goes up along the Alhambra with a lot of stairs. This path is going allong a water channel what has a lot of small waterfalls. During you trip you will also see where the water is leaving the Alhambra with a lot of pressurre. It is also possible to take the "Cuesta de Gomez which is starting at "plaza Nueva" and passing the old city tower where the park starts.

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