The village is located 746 meters above sea level and has 749 inhabitants (2010). The village is together with Cónchar forming the municipality of Villamena. The main agricultural resources are: olives, vineyards and almonds.

The natural landscape is also part of the charm of this town, highlighting places like the caves in the river valley of Laguna; or the view on the town from La Loma, south of the village.


A detail of a house in Cozvíjar
A detail of a house in Cozvíjar

Points of Interest in Cozvíjar

  • Church: Iglesia Parroquial de San Juan Bautista (16th century); 
  • Chapel: Ermitage Virgen de la Cabeza;
  • Mills: Molino de Luis, Molino de Manolito;
  • Caves: Cuevas de los Ojos;
  • River valley of Laguna.
A view on Cozvíjar
A view on Cozvíjar

Festivities in Cozvíjar

  • In the first weekend of August the festivities in honor of Virgen de la Cabeza are celebrated;
A "tinao" in Cozvíjar
A "tinao" in Cozvíjar

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Basic Information Cozvíjar

Cozvíjar (37°34′19″N 3°30′16″O)

Altitude: 746 meters

Population: 749 inhabitants (2010)



Distance to Granada: 31 km

Distance to the beach: 43 km

Distance to Airport Malaga: 136 km

Distance to Airport Granada: 44 km


Touristic level: low - medium - high

Authentic level: low - medium - high


  • Supermarkets: yes
  • Banks: yes
  • Restaurants: yes
  • Bars: yes

Location of Cozvíjar

The Weather in Cozvíjar

Exclusive Holiday Accommodations in Cozvíjar

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