The Cerro de la Cruz Mine - Albuñuelas

The mines are situated on a hill with pineforest. They have several numbers of galleries and you can find minerals like Hemimorfita and Wulfenites. Smithsonite. Other minerals that were found are: ZnCO3 is frequent in the Cerro de la Cruz, appearing as irregular clusters of very small crystals with rounded sides, sometimes associated with wulfenita, or forming reniform crusts. Also forms clustered aggregates. The predominant color is white, and can be colorless. It appears dull luster and sometimes pearly. Hemimorfita, Zn4 [(OH) 2Si2O7] · H2O Small tabular crystals isolated or radial rows. Splendid millimeter crystals appeared upholstering cracks and geodes. These mines are close located to two other mines; The Mine de la Jara, The La Cunilla Mines

Source: Grupo Mineralógico Mulhacén

Location of the Cerro de la Cruz Mine