Natural Hotspring of Alhama

The name Alhama is derived from the Arabic "al-hammam" meaning thermal baths. Since Roman times, the healing properties of the thermal waters from Alhama have been recognised. Just 3 kms outside town, along the Alhama river is the Spa located which is  also offering an outdoor swimming pool that is fed by the thermal waters. A visit  costs 6€ for the whole day. The spa is open from April until November.


A free option, are the hot pools that run alongside the Alhama river, just below the bridge and before the entrance of the official spa The thermal water comes out of a cave and has formed a two natural pools (each with their own distinct temperature) and at final leading to the river that runs parallel to it. 

Photo Gallery Thermal Baths of Alhama

Location Thermal Baths of Alhama