Sima del Duende-Sierra Harana

The Sima del Duende is a relatively small cave or chasm, located in Sierra Arana. It is serving as cave-school for different caving clubs in the province. This is because, although not very deep, it has the main elements for declines and vertical progressions. The allows students guided by an instructor, further progress in understanding the different mechanical and technical elements that accompany the caving activity.

From the village of Cogollos Vega you have to take the dirt road that is  leading to the parking lot of the Cueva del Agua, where you park your car. The cave is located at the foot of the South East slopes of Penon del Asno in Sierra Arana, about 1750 m altitude. It is visible from the dirt road just before the parking. Be carefull this cave is only accessible for experienced people.

Photo Gallery Sima del Duende-Sierra Harana

Location Sima del Duende-Sierra Harana