Cueva Fuentefría - Natural Park Sierra de Castril

The cave is situated in Natural Park Sierra de Castril. at the Buitre Peak at 1.720 meters and has a depth of 64 meters. 

The most comfortable access is from the Prados del Buitre where you have to take the left path that passes the Buitre Peak; its entrance is located in a ravine near the Fuentefría. The chasm has a single pit of 60 m. (4 divisions) that leads to a large room 60x30. To the left (west) a concrecion and gallery appears. To the right a gallery is going downwards until it reaches a large lake. In front of the room the bottom is going up and covered with a chaos of blocks. Material: Rope 80 meter, 7 snap hooks and 7 plates.

UTM coordinates: 5171-41905. Source:

Location Cueva Fuentefría