Cueva de Malalmuerzo - Moclin

This very nice cave with beautiful untouched stalactites and stalagmites is situated in Moclín, close to the well with the same name. The first more open room has a network of tunnels that are connected to incredible beautiful rooms. The cave does not have any vertical progression, so the whole journey can be done in the horizontal plane. It is not necessary to have great caving knowledge, but if you have a problem we must not forget the cave is a network of galleries that can be labyrinthine. So it is essential to visit it, accompanied by someone with experience and who knows the cave properly. In the cave you can encounter historic paintings.

Much of the material from the excavation the did, can date back to the Neolithic period, Along with this material, but in different rooms, also archaeological materials were discovered that can frame within the Copper Age.

See the video´s below from  Sección Espeleológica del Club La Verea

Photo Gallery Cueva de Malalmuerzo

Location Cueva de Malalmuerzo

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