Cueva de Las Campanas - Gualchos

The cave is located nearby pico del Aguila (555 m.); The access is in front of a half-ruined farmstead, at an altitude above sea level of 455 m. This cave is known since ancient times. It was used in Neolithic times as habitats and used for water collection. During the last war it was used as a military shelter, inside are still the remains of weaponry. In the mid-1975 Grupo de Espeleólogos Granadinos, enter for first time the cave.  It took until 1977 in order to map the cave. Later investigations revealed more major sectors of the cave that were unknown. 

The cave is oriented to the north and has a length of 1056 meters. It develops through a slightly curved rift which North-South direction. It is characterized by series of large vertical between the different levels and networks of labyrinthine passages between blocks. They have distinguished three areas topographic level, linked by ramps. The occupation of the Middle Neolithic is distributed through the different rooms, highlighting the largest and outsided as habitat area, while smaller and wet rooms were used as burial sites. It is noteworthy that the cave has two new species of microfauna.

Video by FernandoAable

Location Cueva de Las Campanas

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