The current name of the town comes from the Arabic name of a farmhouse that was owned by Gaurab. It was mentioned by that name in the twelfth century by the Arab historian al-Idrisi as one of the villages that belong to the district of Guadix. The Gaurab place name means "upper houses" or "low height" probably it referred to the excavated houses in the rock that are still in the cliffs of the town. In the surroundings of the river valley Gor is one of the largest concentrations of dolmens across Europe located. They are 240 dolmens spread over 10 necropolis, and belonged to different tribes of ranchers and farmers that were settled in the region about 6000 years ago.


A dolmen in Gorafe
A dolmen in Gorafe

Festivities in Gorafe

  • In the night of the 16th on the 17th of January San Anton is celebrated;
  • On the 3rd of February the day of San Blas is celebrated with a picnic in the country side;
  • On Eastern Sunday the day of the Arches is celebrated, also with a procession;
  • On the 25th of April the day of San Marcos is celebrated.
View on Gorafe
View on Gorafe

Points of Interest in Gorafe

  • A total of 240 dolmens which are located on both sides of the valley;
  • Dolmen Information Center: Centro de Interpretación del Megalitismo;
  • Church: La Iglesia parroquial de la Asunción (16th century);
  • Historic Arabic Water reservoirs;
  • Historic Arabic cave houses "Los Algarves";
  • The badlands: a view point at the right side of the valley gives you spectacular views on the badlands and colored canyons;
  • Caslte ruins: Today his remains can be seen on a local hill with several stretches of a wall and plastered masonry towers severely degraded by the erosion of the hill. In the center of the castle a statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is placed contemporary;
  • Fort El Cuervo is located on the opposite side of the castle, facing the town. Located on top of a rock this fort has three large venues that according to some researchers suggest may be the site of the medieval old town. The main part of the remains is covered due to several landslides;
  • There are several marked walking routes;
  • Waterfall Rio Gor.

Photo Gallery of Gorafe

Basic Information Gorafe

Gorafe (37°28′44″N 3°02′33″O)

Altitude: 850 meters

Population: 415 inhabitants (2014)



Distance to Granada: 82 km

Distance to the beach: 139 km (Almeria)

Distance to Airport Malaga: 216 km

Distance to Airport Granada: 97 km


Touristic level: low - medium - high

Authentic level: low - medium - high


  • Supermarkets: 
  • Banks: yes
  • Restaurants: yes
  • Bars: yes

Location of Gorafe

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The Weather in Gorafe

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