Playa Curumbico - Almuñecar

Playa Curumbico is a small beach located next to Playa Cabria. The easiest way to access this beach is by taken the beach path that starts at Playa Cabria. The only facility on the beach is a shower.

Basic information of the beach
Municipality : Almuñecar
Situation : semi urban
Type : textile
Length : 200 m
Width : 25 m
Occupation : medium
Compostion : gravel & dark sand
Condition sea : normally quiet

Facilities & Services

  • Shower; there is one shower;
  • Parking: next to the beach Cabira is a parking situated;
  • On the nearby beach Cabria are two beach restaurants;
  • In Almuñecar are supermarkets and more restaurants/bars located.


Photo Gallery Playa Curumbico