Queseria Leyva - Guadix

Quesos de Leyva is a family business dedicated to the manufacturing of Artisan Cheese, produced in on the Finca El Castañuelo of Guadix (Granada). It is a family business with extensive farming traditions.


Two generations ago this family was already making cheese for own consumption with a typical recipe from the area, what drove Don Ignacio Miranda de Leyva to start as a professional activity. He upgraded his skills through courses at the Laboratories Arroyo de Santander, a pioneer in training and counseling Artisan cheesemakers. 

Queseria Leyva is following the traditional recipe of cheeses from La Calahorra. This cheese has an IGP (Protected Geographical Indication); a rating registered by the European Union in its catalog of cheeses. The recipe of Don Ignacio Miranda de Leyva is based on this.

Contact Information:

Address: Avda. Buenos Aires, 41, Guadix

Telephone: 958 660 750 | 687819567

E-mail: pedidos@quesosdeleyva.com

Webpage: http://www.quesosdeleyva.com/

Location Queseria Leyva