The Castle of La Rabita

The castle belonged to the maritime border of the Kingdom of Granada and it consists of three distinct parts; the first two are of Arabic work reformed in the sixteenth century, consists of a trapezoidal enclosure with central courtyard and enclosed by walls with battlements and high waist with pockets and a large tower attached to the north, both structurally similar to the nearby Castle Castell de Ferro; the other, built in the eighteenth century and located south of the above, consists of a bulwark with two towers ataluzadas prepared to have artillery.

The fact that until recently continued use of this castle as headquarters of the Guardia Civil house makes not been able to visit carefully, and take action. A road ramp, located to the east leads to the gateway through which it passes to the courtyard of the trapezoidal enclosure. From this courtyard, narrow, elongated L-shaped, one enters the aisles for housing that lie beyond the walls, having at its northern end, the stairs up to the parapet, from which you access the tower.

This great bastion, substantially square with rounded corners, its height must have three floors, and you get it for the intermediate through a now nonexistent drawbridge, but the remaining holes and lifting mechanisms the recess in the facing of the facade for coupling the board. Are visited only the first and the second, both being formed by a room covered by a barrel vault, a fireplace and stairway to climb to the next floor. The low, possibly corresponds to a well, although it has not been proven. On the tower there is a terrace with very high waist in the north. Both the walls of the body intended as the tower houses are built with thick masonry walls and plastered with lime mortar. Only the wall facing west, but also in masonry, has different characteristics as it seems that it was rebuilt in the eighteenth century.


The part of the South bastion, corresponds to known as Horseshoe, built in the eighteenth century during the reign of Carlos III. It is built with masonry walls banking slopes, taking the reinforced masonry corners. On it there is a terrace, whose breastplate rests on a stone molding.

Photo Gallery of the Castle of La Rabita

Location of the Castle of La Rabita

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