Peñon de los Moros - Dúrcal

Peñon de los Moros are the ruins of a fortress from the Muslim era. The archaeological remains like ceramics, that have been found dated the castle back to the pre-Nasrid period, Its function should have been to supervise the fields of Dúrcal.


The enclosure forms an irregular polygonal plant, apparently very extensive, and it seems that it occupied two enclosures.

Some walls that remain are only 30 centimeters in height, Futher a very damaged tower, an access door and a cistern are conserved.


In the center of the north side there is a large half-buried mud tower on a masonry base. The tower shows a very poor and strange restoration intervention. The cistern is attached to the wall, is rectangular in shape and is on a grade with a height of 1.80 meters and a base of 5 x 2.10 meters. It is covered by a half-barrel vault. In the vicinity of the cistern the remains of the entrance to the fortification can be seem.

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