Castle Ruins Murchas - Castillo de Lojuela

The Lojuela Castle is a small Muslim era fortress located on a hill on the left bank of the Dúrcal River, about 500 meters from the village of Murchas. Archaeologists have dated back the castle to the early Muslim period, although it has been questioned. It was built possibly on a Roman settlement and a prehistoric settlement, which was destroyed. It is organized in two different areas, with a walled polygonal, which is accessed through the valley to the west.

Inside the complex is a large tower, located on the highest part of the hill, with plastered mason. The remaining wall canvases are built directly on the rock, with a phased manner. The oldest of those which is preserved, the north-facing, is 44 meters and is covered. Outside the compound, they found numerous woods that are considered remnants of the original forms. The adobe walls are dirty, with traces of prehistoric and Roman pottery.

In addition to the defensive remains, several dwellings that possibly served as a refuge for people and livestock in times of conflict.

Photo Gallery of Castillo de Lojuela

Location of Castillo de Lojuela

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