Castle of Vélez Benaudalla - Castillo de los Ulloa 

The Castle of Velez de Benaudalla rooted in the era of the conquest by the Crown Castilia and Aragon represented by the Catholic Kings, Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon. Once carried out the conquest of the mainland of Muslim power, they were creating different types of towers, bastions and fortresses throughout the mainland, especially in the area of Granada, the last stronghold of the Nazari Kingdom. 

It is assumed that between 1494, the date of the taking of Granada by the Christian armies, and 1523 the castle was built. During this time, the lord of the town, Don Juan de Ulloa, built this defensive bulwark to seat a battalion in order to be able to keep off the incessant attempts of revolt of the existing still Moorish population in the area, Because of the war climate that was present in the area at this time, it would not be until March 17, 1570 when the Moors who remained seated in the village of Velez de Benaudalla are expelled and the castle was virtually destroyed. 

The subsequent passage of time and its use as a fort during the French invasion of the early nineteenth century changed the castle in a complete ruin. 

Photo Gallery of Castillo de los Ulloa 

Location of Castillo de los Ulloa 

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