Barranco del Buitre - Castril

Narrow, short and very upright canyon with two impressive 25-meter rappels at the end. Over the time the river has carved this canyon into the rock but the ravine is mostly dry. If you get caught in a storm a lot of water is discharged and you have no alternative but to go all the way down. Its narrowness is causing a increase in the flow rate and the vertical force of the water hinders the descent.


Access to the gorge: take the road from Castril towards Huéscar and take the detour to the left at 3'8 kms.  which indicates "Sierra de Castril Natural Park".  The road is initially asphalted and descends into the valley. At a certain point it becomes a dirt road in a good condition. Always follow the main track "direction camping", situated at the left or right side of  the Castril River, as you move from side to side. After 4'4 kms. you see a detour to the left that says "Cortijo Lezar" take this road. In less than a kilometer and a half (1470 meters) you will see on the left a ruined house: Cortijo de Lezar. Leave the car there. The gorge starts about 40 meter behind the farmhouse. The last rappel is ending in a well, exit this at the left and take the small path that goes up and leads you in  about 15 minutes to the car.


Material: string 30 and another 60 ms. or two strings of 30 ms. If the gorge carries water (rare), neoprene. Cords parts. The anchors of the ravine are great.




You must apply for a permission at the Delegación Territorial de Agricultura, Pesca y Medio Ambiente de la Junta de Andalucía in Granada:

C / Joaquina Eguaras # 2

Edificio Almanjayar

18013 Granada

Phone: 958 025 100 / Fax: 958 026 058

It can also be ordered electronically at this link but you need to have a digital certificate:



Location Barranco del Buitre

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