Barranco del Baño & Río Dúrcal - Dúrcal

The point where the river Dúrcal meets the Barranco del Baño is an interesting area, because there are several interesting points of interest. 


When you take the road next to the Ermita de San Blas in Dúrcal and follow the sign "Baños Termales", you will pass "Peñon de los Moros" which are the ruins of a fortress from the Muslim era. The archaeological remains like ceramics, that have been found dated the castle back to the pre-Nasrid period, Its function should have been to supervise the fields of Dúrcal.


Taking the road futher down in a curve a footpath is going down to a thermal bath named Baño de Vacamia or Baño Grande. The water wells in a small cave in the same bath with a temperature at about 24 ° C. The place is very much appreciated by all those who love nature. Grande and Chico. Take here a look for more information.

Cueva de Vacamía o de los Riscos, is situated along the Dúrcal river. You have to follow a footpath that goes from Barranco del baño to the Dúrcal river. On a certain point you have to go left, downwards to the river. During the time most of its natural resources, has been robbed. It is a little bit difficult to climb to the entrance of the cave. (caved very small "stairs"). At the entrance you have to take the right path which is much wider. On this trail you can visit several rooms, by walking on planks of wood as a parquet floor: It is known as the "Buddhist hall.".  Several Buddhist figures  appear and seems to be used for religious worship. 

The other bath of Dúrcal is named Baño de Urquíza or Baño Chico and is situated close (walking distance) to Baño de Vacamía, but in another valley.The temperature of the water is 24.9 ° C. They have not been able to determine the age of these baths. It seems that before there were two bathrooms. The first one has been built in the eighties after the one, which was situated lower, was taken by the river, so that there are a couple again. There are enough people who come from the region and outside to find its famous waters, as they say it helps against skin diseases. A lot of people are also taking the water in bottles in order to take it home and consume the mineral water. 

This very beautiful waterfall which is close situated to Baño de Urquíza or Baño Chico of which the temperature of the water is 24.9 ° C. You have to pass this baths and after 200 meters you will encounter this waterfall. Be aware that you have to take off your shoes in order to cross the small river two times. At some places you can feel the hot water of the spring, that seems to be coming out in the river also. 

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