Arab Baths Elvira - Granada

A visit to the Arab baths Banos de Elvira in Granada allows you to disconnect from the world, relax and connect with yourself. Their complete treatments, offering physical, psychological and aesthetic benefits, a healthy choice to spend a weekend or holiday in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Immerse yourself in this spa and travel through the Arab culture thanks to the magnificent building made by a  master craftsmen, heirs of the architectural tradition Nazari, Whispers of water and scents, that evoke freshness and sweetness, will accompany you during the most pleasant experience of your life, unique for you senses, body and mind. 

Basic Services

Circuits last an hour and a half and include, tea,  juice, fruits and chocolates in the rest area. 


You only need you to bring your bathing suit. Flip-flops and towels are provided by the SPA..


A basic circuit includes a hot water pool with bubbles, cold water jacuzzi, steam bath and rest area. All circuits except the basic circuit include a massage (massage enlargement € 10 €)


There are special sessions  for nudists on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month.

Prices Services

  • Basic Circuit (hot water pool with bubbles, cold water jacuzzi, steam bath and rest area)  € 20
  • Thermal Circuit (basic circuit + a massage 15 minutes) € 30
  • Relax Circuit  (basic circuit + a massage 30 minutes) € 40
  • Special Romantic Circuit: a private session for 2 persons with a massage of 30 minutes each and small bottle of cava. In this case you are the only persons in the baths and the staff of the baths in order to serve you. € 150
  •  All circuits, except basic circuit include a massage. An enlargement of the massage will cost € 10.


Opening Hours

The baths are open from Monday to Sunday from 17.00 till 22.00 h. (The last entry is at 20.30 h).


It is recommended that you make a reservation, because in order to keep an intimate atmosphere, no more than 8 people at once are able to use the baths.


For groups and guests of the "Lovers Circuit" it is also possible to enter at 12:30.


With a group of 8 persons or more, the baths will be private for the group, so no other guest are able to use the baths. As a gift you will receive a glass of cava.

Contact Information

Arab Baths Granada - Baños de Elvira - Arteaga St, 3, 18010 Granada

For reservations call: + 34 958 806 377 or whatsapp +34 618 99 68 04


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