Roman Aqueduct - Almuñecar

The aqueduct of Amuñecar is dating back to the Roman period. The five parts of the aqueduct, the Torrecuevas, is situated in the Carrera de la Concepción in the downstream direction of the Seco River.


Aqueduct I has one layer with four arcs of normal light and two with reduced light, with freestanding pillars. Aqueduct II consists of 9 normal light arcs with another secondary light in each of the ends. In order to exceed the height of 5 meters, it has been reinforced with side arches under the three plants, Aqueduct III is formed by two bodies and 9 main arches, flanked by two secondary light arches.

The body compensates the lower elevation above the bottom of the valley, cutting the six main pillars for a foundation that is lightened