The village is located at 723 meters above sea level and has 2414 inhabitants (2014). The layout of the town is given by a series of ravines on which the different neighborhoods are build. It preserves an important historical heritage represented by numerous caves, an Almohad tower and the remains of a fortress of the fourteenth century. It is one of the municipalities most densely cave inhabited in the region. 

Points of Interest Benamaurel

  • Casa del Tío Tinajas (cave located next to the fortress that there was in Benamaurel in the XIV century);
  • Columbario Romano (columbarium of the later Roman period);
  • Church: "Iglesia de la Virgen de la Asunción" (church was built in 1520 over an old mosque);
  • Las Hafas ( rests of a fortress of the XIV century formed by caves inhabited during the Almohad period);
  • Torre de Castril (tower of Almohad period).
View on the country side of Benamaurel
View on the country side of Benamaurel

Festivities in Benamaurel

  • Festivities of the Moorish and Christians: declared as cultural interest is celebrated in the last weekend of April;
  • the festivities of the San León Magno is celebrated in the weekend closest to the 11th of April.

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Basic Information Benamaurel

Benamaurel (37°36′30″N 2°41′50″O)

Altitude: 723 meters

Population: 2414 inhabitants (2014)



Distance to Granada: 111 km

Distance to the beach: 121 km (Aquilas)

Distance to Airport Malaga: 244 km

Distance to Airport Granada: 125 km


Touristic level: low - medium - high

Authentic level: low - medium - high


  • Supermarkets: yes
  • Banks: yes
  • Restaurants: yes
  • Bars: yes

Location Benamaurel

The Weather in Benamaurel