The village is located at 747 meters above sea level and has 109 inhabitants. Yator is since 1972 a part of the municipality of Cádiar.

Yátor is a picturesque village where we can find several authentic elements. In Yátor still remains a great tinao, a mill and the remains of a mansion. Near the Plaza Mayor, the river elapses between malls whose sound is mixed together with the sound of the fountain at the square dedicated to the Immaculate Conception.


The historic Aqueduct of Yátor
The historic Aqueduct of Yátor

The Arch of Yátor is a medieval arch made of brick masonry and was a irrigation channel. The water ran over the top of the arc up to the mill where the impact of the water moved the mill stones . This arc already existed in Moorish times and is mentioned in 1501 in one of the references they have. Therefore its construction possibly dates back to the late Middle Ages.

Festivities in Yátor

  • In the weekend closest to the 20th of January, the festivities of San Anton are celebrated; this is repeated on the 15th of August.

Points of Interest in Yátor



  • Church, Iglesia de San Sebastián (16th century);
  • Ermita de San Sebastian; Small temple erected in honor of the patron of Yátor which is San Sebastián. It has a single nave;
  • Arch, aqueduct medieval;
  • Pico Bernal;
  • Tinao;
  • The whole village is an open air museum. 
A "tinao" in Yátor
A "tinao" in Yátor

Photo Gallery of Yátor

Basic Information Yátor

Yátor (36°57′26″N 3°08′11″O)

Altitude: 747 meters

Population: 109 inhabitants  (2013)



Distance to Granada: 114 km

Distance to the beach: 50 km (Adra)

Distance to the Airport of Malaga: 180 km

Distance to the Airport of Granada: 130 km


Touristic level: low - medium - high

Authentic level:  low - medium - high



  • Supermarkets: no
  • Banks: no
  • Restaurants: no
  • Bars: yes

Location of Yátor

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The Weather in Yátor