The village is located at 1185 meters above sea level and has 46 inhabitants (2013). The name probably from the Arabic "al-Jub", which means "the well". Júbar, formerly known as "Xúbar"  belonged to the municipality of Mairena until 1974, when it merged with Picena and Laroles  in one municipality called Nevada.  Maintains the architecture of houses with two floors with the housetops of lames and eaves slate gray. Along with other villages it is called Balcony of the Alpujarra because of the magnificent views from here, which on a clear day reach the African coast.


A street in Júbar
A street in Júbar

Festivities in Júbar

  • At the end of August the Feast of the Santo Cristo de la Columnais is celebrated. A mass in the morning, in the afternoon a procession and at night an open air festival. 
The church of Júbar
The church of Júbar

Points of Interest in Júbar

  • Church dedicated to Sto. Cristo de la Columna (16th century): It is one of the oldest preserved churches in La Alpujarra and only having a ochavada frame;
  • Washing sinks;
  • Figures carved in rock mica-slate, identified by locals as a woman, two mortars and the imprint of a shoe.  On the road from Valor - Mairena to Júbar about 100 m from the crossing;
  • Remains of ancient fortification, which correspond to a wall, probably surrounded the whole, except in the extreme south, which is covered by a rocky outcrop. On the east side appear a dry stone wall about 1 meter wide and 62 meters west longitude. Location: Left of the road Gr-431;
  • Medieval road: Camino de la Carmona


Photo Gallery of Júbar

Basic Information  Júbar

Júbar (37°00′30″N 3°02′00″O)

Altitude: 1185 meters

Population: 46 (2013)



Distance to Granada: 107 km

Distance to the beach: 49 km (Adra)

Distance to the Airport of Malaga: 185 km

Distance to the Airport of Granada: 122 km


Touristic level: low - medium - high

Authentic level: low -medium - high



  • Supermarkets: no
  • Banks: no
  • Restaurants: no
  • Bars: no

Location of  Júbar

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The Weather in Júbar