The village is located at 559 meters above sea level and has 193 inhabitants (2013). Cherín comes from the name of a Muslim king The iron bridge at the entrance was built in the nineteenth century and the church is built over a mosque.  In the upper town was a castle situated in earlier times. Cherín is part of the municipality Ugíjar.

Points of Interest in Cherín

  • Iron Bridge: Puente de hierro;
  • Washing sinks;
  • Church: la iglesia de San Bartolomé Apóstol.
Streetview of Cherín
Streetview of Cherín
The church of Cherín
The church of Cherín

Festivities in Cherín


  • San Blas is celebrated on the 3rd of February;
  • San Marcos is celebrtated on the 25th of April.
  • The most important festival of the town is the one of the Moors and Christians, it is held in August in honor of San Bartolomé;

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Basic Information Cherín

Cherín (36°58′00″N 3°00′44″O)

Altitude: 559 meters

Population: 193 (2013)



Distance to Granada: 111 km

Distance to the beach: 37 km (Adra)

Distance to the Airport of Malaga: 176 km

Distance to the Airport of Granada: 127 km


Touristic level: low - medium - high

Authentic level: low -medium - high



  • Supermarkets: no
  • Banks: no
  • Restaurants: no
  • Bars: no

Location of Cherín

The Weather in Cherin