Embalse de Bermejales - Alhama de Granada

Embalse de los Bermejales has been built in 1958 in order to generate electric power with the water off the Cacin river. It is over 300 km2 big. On the beaches are several water sport activities organized like paddling, surfing, sailing. The lake shores are covered with pine tree which gives you the shade in the summer. 

The lake was included in the Inventory of Wetlands of Andalucia in March 2010, which is its designation as a "Wetland Andaluz". 

It is a wetland of an artificial type, because it is a reservoir whose purpose is to transfer Alhama river water to Bermejales. Despite being of an artificial origin it has great ecological importance and is fully integrated with the environment. The result of this integration is the diversity of animal life in the area, such as the population of resident birds throughout the year, as well as migration birds.

Embalse de Bermejales - Alhama de Granad
Embalse de Bermejales - Alhama de Granad

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Location Embalse de Bermejales

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