Contraembalse de Bermejales - Cacín

Between Cacin and El Turro is a small lake located called the Contraembalse de los Bermejales. The contraembalse Bermejales, is an infrastructure that locals call the small reservoir of Cacín and has become a natural paradise that surprises in a territory in which the olive groves, dry lands and clay pits dominate. The Cacín river, which is the main contributor of the great swamp Bermejales, is running after the dam through deep gorges which are unchanged since Neolithic times and is now a route for experienced hikers semiturístico with hanging bridges and catwalks.

The lagoon has a medium size with approximately 900 meters in length from the bottom of the small reservoir to the dam and a maximum width of 200. The surrounding area is surrounded by pine forest in the area of the dam and olive groves and cereal at the other site where the waterflow is regulated. The scarce human presence, lots of water, and places to protect, have facilitated the presence of more than a hundred animals. 

Contraembalse de Bermejales in Cacín
Contraembalse de Bermejales in Cacín

These animals use the waters and shores to hibernate or use the area in spring for nesting and bredding.

(Source: Wastemagazine Ideal)

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