Weekend of Astronomy and Geology

The visit of the Natural Monument called Nigüelas Fault is not the only thing that you can do in The Lecrín Valley, also you can see a different geological elements like Alluvial Fans, Marine Fossils, sedimentary strata and coral reefs.

For people interested in geology (although you do not need any previous knowledge), we will visit: The Natural Monument of The Fault of Nigüelas-Dúrcal, The encasement of the Dúrcal and Tablate rivers in sedimentary materials, with different bridges to cross them. Also, we will visit several places with lots of marine fossils like clams, oysters and corals.


The visits will be guided by a geologist.


At night, you can feel the emotion of looking at the sky with a Telescope Smith-Cassegrain 10’’, in the Observatory El Valle. The observation consists of a tour by the best interstellar objects in the night: Nebulas, galaxies, globular clusters, nebulae planetary (remnants of dead stars), planets, double stars, etc.


All this accompanied by a lover of astronomy.


Precio:  165.00€

Offer's contents

  • Price includes, 2 nights accommodation in a cottage, minimum 4 people
  • Saturday visit failure, alluvial fans and river Durcal, afternoon free
  • Sunday route through the Barranco de Luna and El Juncal, to see the deposits of marine fossils
  • Dinner Friday & Saturday,
  • Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday
  • Food on Saturday and Sunday
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be at the restaurant El Zahor
  • There is a choice of half-board, (140 €) does not include dinner and breakfast


This activity will be on weekend or midweek on the dates agreed upon between the parties

You can only be booked if available accommodation..

The groups shall be composed between 4 and 10 people.

Movements are not included, since they made with their own means

Price and Offers:

  • Cottage for 6 people: 140 €/pax.
  • Cottage for 5 people: 158 €/pax.
  • Cottage for 4 people: 165 €/pax.
  • Cottage for 3 people: 173 €/pax.
  • Cottage for 2 people: 198 €/pax.
  • Cottage for 1 person: 270 €/pax.

Price for pax. / weekend. For larger groups: Check availability of houses and dates. These prices do not include travel to geosites, because they are made in our own vehicles.