Dive Trip "La Calita" - Herradura (Costa Tropical)

Main characteristics excursion: BN18697-8
Time of the year : all year
Difficulty level

: medium/high

Max Depth : 30 meters
Start location : Herradura
Duration : 3 hours
No. of persons : 1-12
Price a person : € 45 (including boat trip + dive equipment)
Insurance incl.   : no, one day insurance € 7,-

The name La Calita comes from the anchorage place, a shelter at the west of the impressive cliff in the eastern part of the bay of La Herradura. The dive starts with going down by the anchor line, and taking depth gradually and navigate, along a rock until the depth of 20 m deep. At this depth the tour goes in the direction of the Punta de la Mona. You must be attentive on the color blue, because in this area it is common to see the moon fish (Mola mola). It depends on the season, but especially between May and July the fish has been seen. A large block of rock known as the "Stone of Moons " has been named to this fish.


So far the dive has an average profile, but by passing the Cape, you will start gaining depth. At 28 meters depth you can reach a small cave, where the Mediterranean madrepora is upholstering its roof. In the vicinity of the entrance, a lobster of considerable size is frequently seen, so that is why it is also known as the "Lobster Cave". Between the cracks you can find big conger eels, octopuses and the first glimse of bunches of yellow coral (Dendrophyllia ramea).


In this area there is usually a current, sometimes changing, so you need to be attentive to the guide's instructions. The depth will be monitored, especially in the end zone, trying not to exceed the safety curve in order to avoid decompression time. The return to the anchoring is done in reverse, you ascend with a appropriate speed, but without entertaining, up to an average depth of 15-18 m. You will encounter the very spectacular rock wall again, which is completely covered with the orange coral (Astroides calicularis)


From this point you need calmly navigate in order to return to the anchor. Gradually climbing for several minutes until the depth of 5-8 m, so that you can take away any minute of decocompression and make the safety stop, while enjoying the benthic fauna. Be attentive to the coral "dead hand" (Alcyonum acaule, Alcyonum palmatum), which is frequently seen in this area.

Highly recommendedis is the use of a flash light.

What is Included

  • Transport by boat from Herradura to the dive spot;
  • Qualified guides;
  • Permissions;
  • Dive equipment; suit, diving mask, oxygen bottle, flash light;

Material Needed


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The Location

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