Conditions for the Touristic Flights from Granada


Every person who flies or travels with Dimension Aerea is commited to agree with the following conditions:




FIRST: Captain is the only and last authority on board, during passengers boarding or disembarking, flight and other related activities; and is authorized, apart from others, for:


Do not allow passengers flying while intoxicated and / or under the influence of drugs that adversely affects the senses or ability to fly, women with seven or more months of pregnancy and, in general, people or things that, in his opinion, not in physical and/or mentally unfit and / or state required to fly.


Review each passenger and his luggage;


Distributed to passengers and / or their luggage on the seats and / or designated places by his own criterion.


Hold (on board, in the air or ground) those goods and hazardous substances that could, in his view, a significant risk to the health of crew members or passengers, property and integrity of the aircraft and / or trip security.


Mandate the use of lifejackets and / or other devices or safety equipment, depending on the route of flightÂ

necessary for order and flight safety. 


SECOND: Seat belt must be used throughout the flight and is not allowed opening doors or windows during the flight. Smoking, alcohol or drugs are not allowed inside or near the aircraft. You are not allowed to eat inside the aircraft. Passengers may not move from the seats or places designated by the commander or crew. 


THIRD: All portable electronic devices must be turned off when the aircraft is moving on the runway approaching the airport during takeoff and landing. These instruments include: cell phones, beepers, radio (AM / FM or VHF), televisions, toys, games and other stuff that Captain suggests.


FOURTH: Passengers can hop on and off the aircraft only when the commander and / or crew tell them to, and only if the propellers are completely stopped. It is forbidden to touch any instrument of the aircraft on the ground and/or in flight.


FIFTH: According to current regulations, there is a list of prohibited items in flight, both in the cabin and as hand baggage, which can be removed by the Captain or crew. This list includes those items and hazardous substances that may pose a significant risk to health, safety or property, such as:

  • Gases (compressed, liquefied, in solution or deeply refrigerated), including aerosols, which are flammable, toxic or harmless such as butane, oxygen, liquid nitrogen sprays containing incapacitating gas, refill tubes for gas lighters, etc. .
  • Corrosive, solid or liquid, such as acids, alkalis, mercury, liquid electrolyte batteries, etc.
  • Explosives such as ammunition, fireworks and flares, briefcases with alarm devices, caps for toy guns, etc.
  • Flammable liquids such as fuels, paints, thinners, etc.
  • Radioactive materials irrespective of their category.
  • Oxidizing materials and organic peroxides such as bleaches, fertilizers, etc..
  • Toxic and infectious substances such as insecticides, pesticides, biological products containing pathogens, etc..
  • Flammable solids such as matches
  • Weapons, which include any element or object that is made or to be used for attack or defense, such as firearms, knives, gases, elements of electrical shock, sharps, blunts, among which may include clubs, axes and sticks or clubs with weight inside or in a jetty, needles, pins or clips, among others.



SIXTH: When buying a ticket, passengers must present their identity card or passport, driver's license or other document confirming identity.


The passenger making the reservation will receive a voucher that must be exhibited to the Captain, along with identity card or passport when boarding the aircraft, in order that the Captain can verify their identity.


SEVENTH: Cancellation policy of a flight;

The flights may be canceled by the customer up to 2 hours before its start. To that effect, repay the sums paid in Reserve, or the full amount if he had paid.


If weather or technical reasons, the flight is to be suspended will be refunded the amount paid in the Reserve, or the full amount if he had paid.


Will not be refunded any amount if the customer decides not to make the flight without noting two hours before it´s start, or if comes more than 20 minutes late.


EIGHT: Children under 18 must have written permission to fly by their parents or guardians, unless one of the parents fly with them, as demonstrated through the display of the respective identity documents, birth certificate or family book.


NINTH: Children under 14 must always be accompanied by an adult passenger


TENTH: These flights are subject to a limited capacity by type of aircraft being the maximum weight of 110 Kg.por person and a minimum height of 1 m.


ELEVENTH: The voucher has a validity period of three months, if weather reasons or for any other reason the customer decided to postpone the flight.


TWELFTH: The company is committed to making every effort to transport passengers with reasonable punctuality. The hours indicated in the itinerary or any other publication are estimates and are not guaranteed as to its compliance and are not part of this contract.


If necessary, without notice, the company can change the path and alter or omit stops on the ticket if it considers necessary. Also, the carrier may without notice modify the days and times of each flight. The changes in itineraries or routes will be made as commercial availability.


It may require the return of the passage only if the passenger it was impossible to fly in the new schedule is offered.


THIRTEENTH: Dimension Aerea disclaims all liability for damages that the client affected by, or recklessly cause manifest breach of rules and disobeying the directions of the pilot.


FOURTEENTH: It is a passenger´s duty to bring their identity card ID or other identification document, and the voucher, otherwise the flight will be canceled with no refund.




FIFTEENTH: Are applicable to this contract of passengers flights the rules established by the Aviation Code, Passengers Air Transportation and any other law or regulation issued by the Spanish Civil Aviation.


SIXTEENTH: Dimension Aerea is a trading division of Gesplane Servicios Aereos S.L. authorized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation to develop Tourist Flights as written in No. ML/CR/48-18541. Issued in Madrid on 10/08/1906.


SEVENTEENTH: Dimension Aerea has mandatory Liability Insurance as specified in Law 48/1960 of 21 July on Air Navigation, Law 21/2003 of 7 July, Aviation Safety (BOE n º 162, 8 July) for the development of this business.


EIGHTEENTH: The company is not liable for losses and / or damages that may occur in the interior of the aircraft.